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Job Opportunity: Project Manager
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EUNIC Jordan
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The Project Manager will implement an 8 month project on behalf of the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) Jordan.  The project – ‘EU Cultural Events in Jordan’ – is funded by the European Union and the overall project purpose is to: support the development of cultural and creative industries in Jordan, with a particular focus on promotion within the EU; raise awareness of the EU and its member states’ culture among a diverse general public in Jordan; to promote cultural exchanges and mobility of artists between the European Union and Jordan; and to present the EU as an active supporter of diverse cultural expressions.

The Project Manager will report directly to the seven members of the EUNIC board and will work in close collaboration with the Programme Attaché at the Delegation of the European Union to Jordan responsible for the culture portfolio. On a day-to-day basis the Project Manager will report to the Director of the British Council.

Continuation of the project after 30 November 2014 is a probability but not guaranteed, and will be based on the renewal of the project contract by the EU Delegation.

Deadline for Application: Friday 6th March 2015, midnight.

For more information about the person specifications and how to apply visit the EUNIC Jordan website: http://jordan.eunic-online.eu/?q=content/project-manager-vacancy